​    Volunteering

Uncle Khoe K9 Shelter is solely run by volunteers. There are many ways to help a dog. If you love animals and wants to make a difference in someone's life, join us! 




Our volunteer programme outline includes:



  •  Doggie day out are organised once in awhile where all the volunteers will  bring the  dogs out for a walk around the area e.g Lorong Halus/ Pasir ris  beach/ Dog  Run. It's a chance for them to bond with humans, get in  touch with nature and get  some fresh air!

  •  As the dogs are cooped in the shelter on most days, we will need  volunteers to help  us walk the dogs so as to give them some exercise  and teach them how to walk  properly on leash (for dogs who are timid/  newly rescued). 

  •  Dog walking

  •  Bathing of dogs

  •  Meal times are one of the happiest time for them! 

  •  Feeding

  •  Help keep our shelter clean and hygienic for the doggies! Our dogs  stays indoor on  most days and we hope that they can have a clean  environment to live in. 

  •  General Cleaning

​​Help make a difference and sign up to volunteer today!




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